Monday, March 22, 2010

Yogurt...I Remember When I Dumped You!

During my Ladies’ Day in the city this week, my gal pal and I decided to be adventurous by eating off of a food truck outside of Central Park. Our motto this Ladies’ Day was to indulge our inner fat girl; her choice was an Italian Sausage with onion and peppers wrapped in a pita, I had a classic cheeseburger. We decided to wash that all down with sodas since cocktails were not within arm’s reach. *blink* We were off the diet wagon and in our glory inhaling calories on the steps of the Museum of Natural History.

Fast forward to the next morning after a few Mimosas, my gal pal SWORE her tummy was bothering her from but of course – the “street food” as we have dubbed it. Her 30 minutes of paranoid melodrama consisting of such comments as, “I’m never eating an Italian Sausage again” was reminiscent of me. I didn’t want her to slip down the psychotic slippery slope that made me end my love affair yogurt! Picture it – New Jersey, winter, 2001, single, 18” Lugo hair straight with a center part (I might recycle that look soon), and I worked in the Patient Finance department at a hospital….

This particular day I was wearing a haute pair of black knee high boots with black embroidery, and a sexy silver heel from Why (sick Italian designer) that I lucked up on at Daffy’s, I recall being complimented on them as I picked up my morning yogurt from the cafeteria. My yogurt of choice was Dannon Fruit at the Bottom in Strawberry with a tablespoon of granola or Cheerios for added texture – I was serious about my yogurt, delicious and helped to control my weight.

All was well until that evening when I became violently ill! I had to drive myself to the ER that evening where I was informed that I had a bug that I must have caught from a patient who had recently visited South America. I was given an IV, a prescription, and told to get rest for a week but it didn’t matter what McDreamy in the ER said, I swore it was the yogurt since that was the last thing I had eaten. *insert my paranoid melodrama here* I immediately dumped yogurt; it was over just like that! I was bitter, she had betrayed me and to top it off she left me to be tempted by such yummy high caloric breakfast food like pancakes or grits with cheese. I totally gained 10 pounds without her in my life! I was strong during the break-up; I successfully avoided all temptation and thoughts of her yummy creaminess until McDonald’s introduced the Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait. We’ve been reunited ever since!

Here’s my FAV yogurt smoothie recipe:

2-3 cups of plain/lowfat vanilla Greek yogurt

13-15 frozen strawberries

8-10 frozen peach slices

2-3 bananas

1 cup of ice (optional)

Put all ingredients except the yogurt in the blender. Blend on medium-high until all frozen fruits are finely chopped. Blend in yogurt. If you MUST add a sweetner, I suggest Splenda with Fiber or a bit of honey. ENJOY!

Note: You can put any leftovers in a plastic container and freeze it for a treat later.

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