Monday, March 8, 2010

TREND ALERT: Orange-Red Lipstick

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Trying to break out of the "red-lip box"? I hope so because nothing is hotter right now than a splash of orange lipstick on your puckers! Any shade of orange is haute: tangerine, orange sherbet, red-orange, gold-orange, coral, peach, pastel, mango, or cinnamon orange. To compliment your lips make sure skin is bronzed and warm with neutral eyes and LOTS of mascara - get excited Divas!

Orange-red lips popped on the runway during New York Fashion Week on models of all ethnicities. Question yourself no further; this trend is for you, you, and you! If you are blonde I would opt for the orange tangerine, brunette go for the orange sherbet, dark skin and dark hair aim for the red-orange. The key to making this work is to find the correct shade and coverage that you are comfortable with; sheer and sporty (lip gloss), opaque and polished (crème lipstick), or severe and edgier (matte lipstick). However you choose to rock this juicy trend, it must be worn with confidence! 


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 The best way to test drive a new lip color is to start with either a gloss or a swipe of lipstick applied to the center of the lip and blended outward with a finger. This type of application creates a healthy and real look, your own lips just a bit more vibrant; I would suggest topping with a tangerine gloss.

Whether opaque and polished or sever and edgy, one item can not be skipped - lip liner! I know ladies, we have become so anti-lip liner over the past few years but at least a nude colored liner will prevent the dreaded "bleeding lipstick". *ewwww* Remember the order of proper application for all red-based lipsticks: foundation, dust with powder, lip liner, lipstick, blot, and reapply second layer of lipstick. This ensures seamless application and that your color lasts past your morning coffee. 

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