Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let Him Cum on Your Face....Just Close Your Eyes!

This bit of information should have men around the world dancing in the streets.....spermine, an organic compound found in human sperm, is said to visibly reduce wrinkles and to soften skin. *blink* *blink* (I couldn't make this up if I wanted to! lol)

A Norwegian company, Bioforskning (the name is KILLING me! LOL), has come out with a synthesized a version of the spunk – derived from the tail of the little swimmers – which is now making the rounds as an expensive facial. I am not doubting that benefits of funky spunk but who in the world would PAY for something that most women can get at home for free?!?! (right?)

I wonder if that's why so many gay men have flawless skin???

I digress, my suggestion is to make his dreams come true while you reap the benefits of maintaining youthful skin!

Take on for the team tonight with a smile.

Smooches & Cum Shot Quick Claps

Not one drop of my self-respect is dependent on your acceptance of me. - Quincy Jones

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