Monday, August 17, 2009

Givenchy Phenomen's Eyes Effet Extension

This is the most interesting mascara concept I have seen yet.....this even tops the vibrating wand!!!!

I am all for new beauty products and techniques but I am not sold on this "spherical brush".

Here's the info:

What it is?
A mascara with a spherical brush and a new-generation formula that coats each lash and dries quickly for an immediate lengthening effect.

What it does.
The secret of this mascara's high-definition lengthening power lies in its extending and fixing: It strikes the perfect balance between the formula's elasticity and drying time. The result is bat-worthy lashes with a panoramic effect.

Has anyone tried this? I need feedback.....leaves comments please, they excite me!

Smooches & Spherical Brush Quick Claps

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