Monday, May 25, 2009

Wooden Bracelets

ILK, this pic totally sucks but I wanted to share in the fabulosity of my latest purchase! (get excited, self healing = retail therapy)

I found these cuties at a local Jewelry Gallery and instantly fell in love! They are HUGE and I am so into large statement pieces. I love the shape, the detail (which doesn't translate well in the pics), and the richness of the color......I have already paired them with my python, peep-toe Aldo shoes that I purchased for myself last year for Valentine's Day.

I truly feel that wooden bangles are the perfect casual accessory: sophisticated earth-mother with an urban flare.

Smooches & Wood Bracelet Quick Claps


  1. Thanks.....someone special bought it for me and I bought her the same. It was a WILD weekend! (wink)


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