Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Swimsuit Season

It's SWIMSUIT season ladies!!!!!, I know that no one is excited about this time of the year when our bodies are totally on display next to some 24 year old human Barbie who's all bouncy and fucking firm! (they should have their own beach right? lol)

Anywho, we can't outrun the season and if you are anything like me then you crave the beach in warm we must do what we can to "camouflage" the "problem" areas. (smile, that was as PC as I could get)

The best "belly control" suit that I have come across in my internet journeys is the Jantzen Ruched Vamp One-Piece Swimsuit. Sleek and sophisticated, this retro, glam-inspired one-piece swimsuit wows me and so does the price of only $100!

Smooches & I HATE SKINNY BITCHES DURING SWIM SEASON Quick Claps (just kidding skinny chicks)

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