Tuesday, May 5, 2009

$600 vs $20 Shoes?

Due to the MAJOR life changes I have been experiencing (or that have been forced on me), I have had some sleeping challenges. (aka - a bitch can't sleep) So Sunday morning I was up pretty early since I had only slept between the hours of 4am and 4:45am, the tv was on ABC and Good Morning America the Weekend Edition was playing......I was in a bit of a fog but the words "Christian Louboutin" snapped me out of that funk quickly! lol

I will try to summarize what was discovered, my pics may not be the best but work with a sleep-deprived, heartbroken, emotionally unstable Diva!

Exhibit A - Christian Louboutin Simple Nappa Pump, a classic closet essential with a 4" heel:

The segment was on the physical difference (minus the signature, patented red sole of CLs) between a $600 Christian Louboutin, black patent leather pump and a $20 Fiono, black patent pump from Payless. Immediately I thought, "who the hell would question that.....hello, LOUBOUTINS should NEVER be questioned" but then as I listened they did actually prove a gosh darn point - after a day of polling fashion elite New Yorkers on the street, 40% of those polled actually chose the Payless shoe as the more expensive one! Even the Divas who own numerous pairs on Louboutins chose the Payless shoe!!

Exhibit B - Payless Fioini Hilt Pump, versatile patent leather pump that is perfect for every occasion with a 3.75' heel:

They are almost identical, hence fashion is not a luxury......but luxury sure does sweeten the shoe pot! (I may be slightly off the mark from my normal DIVA self but the shallowness always remains! lol)

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  1. Not bad. Considering the state of the economy in our house (i.e. I'm not a famous writer yet), I may consider getting these and just painting the soles with enamal.


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