Friday, May 1, 2009

The Claw

This diffuser looks a bit strange.....possibly like a back scratcher or maybe even a weird sex toy (okay maybe only in my mind, LOL!! not that I have anyone to use it with anymore) Anywho, it's a diffuser and it's intended for curly hair but makes any hair type instantly messy-on-purpose and wild - gotta love that!

Just massage it at your scalp to really lift roots, then rake through all over and haphazardly gather big handfuls to muss all around for a billowy-hot rock star effect! (translation for black girls, works great on Wet n' Wavy weave or natural hair!) It's a universal adapter and fits 99% of blow-dryers so no additional attachments needed.

Devafuser, $35

Smooches & Wild Hair Quick Claps

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  1. I'll have to try that, my hair when I leave it alone is ringlet curly, but batshit wild. Maybe that would make it have an actual shape.


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