Thursday, April 30, 2009

Next Generation Manicures

Here is the manicure’s next generation: sheets of metallic film are heat-adhered to the nail, then filed into shape. The films, by a company called Minx, need no drying and last, without a chip, for about two weeks. Uber cool, right?

Though it sounds potentially tacky, the result is sleek, slightly androidy (did I make that up?), and incredibly cool-looking. Ten gleaming silver fingertips with black tiger stripes are dramatic; if you’re timid, start with a single gold pinkie. (VERY 80's) You can also customize the films with a photo (your lover) or logo (Chanel).

Have yours done by Honey who has a space at De Lux, Fulton St., near S. Oxford St., Ft. Greene; 212-920-1066. For $55, she’ll do a mini manicure and apply a full set of Minx. The procedure requires some setup, so make an appointment.

See ya there!

Smooches & Metallic Quick Claps

Source: NY Mag

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