Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....

Not to ruin anyone's day, but I just read the most disturbing article about mirrors. Apparently, scientific studies have shown that "...people, on average...[form] a representation of their image that it is more attractive than they actually are."

Now, how they are scientifically quantifying attractiveness is a bit of a mystery but they do explain it a little bit in the article: Participants in the study are asked to identify their own images on a "lineup" amid other faces and they are able to find themselves "significantly quicker" when their faces are computer enhanced/airbrushed.

If you're anything like me you've probably outfitted your house with mirrors you find flattering and, hopefully, accurate. I have a full-length that I angle against a wall instead of hang as I'm convinced it gives a more truthful impression that way. And I always get annoyed when I find myself in a store that has either "skinny" or "fat" mirrors--especially the skinny ones, which I deem to be a shameless sales tactic.

But if this article is accurate, maybe I've been the fool all along?! Eeeeek!!!

Thoughts? What's your relationship with your mirror? Do you think they lie?

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