Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Coil Review

I am ashamed to admit this but I do not know much about naturally textured hair even though my Boo and my best friend both have GORGEOUS locks along with my brother "Sal", his wife (my IDOL), and daughter (my DIVA-In-Training niece) also having beuatiful natural styles!!! (bad Shallow Shoe Whore)
But thank God we now have a place to turn for information, natural hair styles, natural hair care, and hair products - The Coil Review! (http://thecoilreview.com/en/index.php) This instantly reminded me of the ignorant statements that were made by Ashley Baker, an Editor at Glamour, regarding why black women shouldn't wear their hair in afros or natural styles in corporate America - someone should have sent her to this site to set that ass straight!
I came across this site while on my journey to find Freelance work and was totally blown away. Not only is it a beautiful site, it's chock-full-o-information. A clean, easy to read layout, girlie enough to make you feel at home, modern with an urban flare, and the ability to remind you the beauty of being "ethnic"!!!
Girl Power AND Black Pride.....watch out world!
Smooches & Coily, Curly, Textured, Natural Quick Claps

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  1. Hey Sis, thanks for the shout-out! Fried, dyed, laid to the side or au natural, all Black hair is beautiful!


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