Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WRONG At Any Angle!

The picture above is of a young lady I saw at the bus stop at 7am on a Saturday morning....I want to give her the benefit of the doubt since it was early as hell on Saturday, but the Fashionista within can not - girlfriend looks WRONG at any angle!!!

Let's review the photo, moving passed the fact that she is wearing a head wrap in broad daily in a public setting (slightly visible in the first pic to the left).....the main problem that needs to be addressed is her dressing improperly for her body shape. This woman is a classis Pear Shape beacuse she is bottom heavy. Pear Shapes traditionally have slender necks, narrow shoulders, and a small bust with a shapely waist, generous hips, and full thighs. The woman in this photo went wrong with her tight skirt that accentuates her unproportioned hip area.
Pear Shapes should accentuate their assets which is upper region of their body - strapless, sleeveless, cowl necks, or square necks with FAB jewelry to broaden the look of their shoulders and chose waitlines that flair at the hips, flowing fabrics that do not cling below the waist.
Until our next fashionably responsible!


  1. This woman is not a pear shape. "a classis Pear Shape beacuse she is bottom heavy. Pear Shapes traditionally have slender necks, narrow shoulders, and a small bust with a shapely waist, generous hips, and full thighs".

    She is a Shape: Figure Eight


    You display a combination of several shape characteristics that are commonly seen in the individual classic figure types.

    You are very curvy with the overall silhouette of the Classic Hourglass. However, you are heavier at the bottom then your Hourglass sister with very profound derriere and fuller thighs similar to the Triangle figure type. Your waist is defined, but much less indented with the possible “love handles” at the sides. You have a pronounced front midriff bulge, similar to the Oval figure, although in your case, the fullness is more evenly distributed throughout your body. Your shoulders are very proportionate to the overall silhouette, with the full and shapely bust. Your upper arms tend to be a bit fleshy.


    The Figure Eight Figure type has the following characteristics:

    Shoulders are proportionate to the entire silhouette
    Face can have an oval, round, rectangular or heart shape, and a potentially well defined chin with the tendency toward a double-chin
    Neck is proportionate in length with an inclination toward fullness at the nape and shoulders
    Back is larger and tends to be fleshy and full
    Bust is medium to large, shapely and full; usually smaller than the hips
    Waist is moderately indented, with a propensity toward the “love handles”; there is some fullness in the front of a midriff
    Fleshy and full buttocks
    Hips are usually very well defined, round and full, and have proportionate curviness
    Thighs are full but also proportional to the whole body and could have a tendency toward inner and outer thigh bulging
    Legs are shapely and proportionate and (in most cases) equal to the length of the upper torso

    Figure's Assets

    The greatest Figure Eight Figure’s assets are:

    Proportionate bust and waist
    Voluptuous cleavage
    Slender lower arms
    Shapely legs

    Enhance and Balance

    To enhance and balance the Figure Eight silhouette, the objective is to:

    De-emphasize fullness of the middle torso and back
    Softly drape over the feminine curves of the bust and hips
    Overall elongate body silhouette
    De-emphasize heavier bottom
    Accentuate shapely legs
    Accentuate the face, neck and cleavage area with the open collars and V-necklines

  2. Thank you Anonymous....I stand corrected!!


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