Thursday, June 26, 2008

VCF Swag

Sometimes I try to remember the challenges of heterosexual sex (so boring) but usually fall short since it's almost been 10 GLORIOUS YEARS since I have up close and personal with a penis (YUCK)......but I am NOT knocking you ladies who prefer to go that route! : - )

Anywho, one of my girlfriends passed this info on to me to be distributed to the masses.....Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF) seems to be what's up:

1) 3 hours of protection from pregnancy (kills sperm on contact)

2) invisible, odor free, and taste less (hey now)

3) undetectable by yourself or your partner

4) you get to finger yourself to insert it ADDING to the foreplay (feels good to you and let him watch to turn his freaky ass on even more)

The only con I see is that there is no protection from STDs or HIV so I would say this method is for the married or monogamous. (does monogamy still exist? we have discussed that before correct?)

Check out this web-site for additional info and to receive your free sample,

Smooches, VCF Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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