Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am a broken woman.....are you?

Last Sunday (7/15) was Gay Pride in Essex County so I decided to attend church service. (I had back up from the church to let my ex have her space and her place to find comfort since it was her place of worship first - plus I am a bit too FAB for the congregation's taste, from what I have heard! LOL) There was a guest speaker from Boston and she was excellent, she spoke of a specific scripture in the Bible (of course I do not recall which one but at least I got the message) pertaining to a "broken woman".

She spoke of being a broken woman.....at first I immediately said to myself that I am far from broken, that I am building up to the climax of my life so she must be speaking to others! She continued to explain that most women are a culmination of their wounds and faults, only able to see the present and the future through wounded eyes. Carrying baggage from hurtful relationships, failed attempts to fulfill dreams, betrayal by friends - all creating an essence of being "broken".

As I went through her list of examples, I began to diagnose myself as "broken"!!! All of these examples on the list I could easily at any moment point out in another woman but have never stopped to point them out within myself. I have had numerous failed relationship, I have fallen while trying to grasp a dream, and have trusted TOO MANY women who pretended to be my friends that continue to allow jealousy and hate to block them from receiving their blessings as they try to interfere with the blessing that are already promised to me. (AMEN)

The guest speaker then asked, "Are you ready to be healed"? Easy question, who wouldn't be ready to be healed once you have accepted that you are broken....DAH! But then she described how difficult it is to put ourselves in a position to be healed:

1. being ready to do whatever it takes to be healed, no excuses
2. being ready to be responsible for your healing and the mistakes that have been made in the
past that has led to you needing to be healed
3. being ready to love yourself - not masking your pain in liquor, drugs, sex, food, or excessive
shopping (moving through the pain, not running past it!)
4. being ready to be selfish in order to heal (taking time for you, ALONE)

Hearing all that it takes to be healed, I understand why there are so many broken women in the world. Let's all make a promise to ourselves to become "unbroken" by 2009. Let's organize a support group that meets once a month where we can speak freely - no judgement, just tough love!

Any takers, or are you not READY for the transformation?

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