Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PINK nails are in!

You ladies have been clamoring for summer nail colors, and now that Memorial Day has passed (can you believe it?), we're ready to kick off a series of polish-trend posts.

Today's topic: vivid pinks. I've noticed that even friends who have historically shied away from brights are embracing them this year, and pinks seem like the easiest place to start!

Check out these two new Essies Guilty Pleasures (Pictured above) and Movers & Shakers. I LOVE Essie products - the coverage and that it's chip resistant.

For girls who want to splurge a bit, try Chanel's Organdy which is a very soft bubble-gum pink.

If you want to stop at a drugstore on your way home from work and grab a new pink, I say go for Maybelline Salon Expert nail color in Cutie Pink. It's very neon and very shiny!

If you have a favorite pink polish, share & let the masses know.


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