Friday, June 13, 2008

One Bra That Fits All

According to Rebecca Apsan, owner of La Petite Coquette, one of New York's chicest lingerie shops, 85% of all women are walking around in bras that don't fit! Surprising, right?

Fortunately, Victoria's Secret has come up with something to remedy the situation: the Bio Fit Uplift Bra. Here's why you'll want it:

The Fit - The padding differs with each cup size. A-cups offer more padding where it's needed - along the sides and beneath the bust creating cleavage and a bounty of bust while D-cups have just a bit of padding underneath for a subtle lift. Plus, the bra comes in a wide range of sizes - 34A to 36DD. (THANK GOD)
The Feel - Made from a seamless fabric (I hate that women STILL wear bras with seams across the cup, so 1980), it's the next best think to going bra less.
The Colors - Eight in all with cool names like Hot Lips & Miami Tan
Smooches & Bra Quick Claps

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