Thursday, June 12, 2008

This little 5 year old......

has my damn bag from the SATC Movie!!!!! (calming down)
So I am reading one of my favorite gossip web-sites and I come across the pic of Kobe and his family after a Lakers game. The story was about his family swag but you know I had to look at little Aoki & Ming (I know that's Kimora's girls, but a mixed child is a mixed child....they SO could be little Aoki & Ming Part II) and I noticed my Eiffel Tower bag! (look at the little one on the left, hold Daddy's hand)
To refresh your memory, I discussed this bag on the 5/30/08 posting called How to Rock a Sex and the City Lifestyle where I informed you that this bag can run up to $3,000!!!
I am all for the DIT Program (Divas in Training Program) but I am thinking a Hello Kitty bag and a princess wand is sufficient....a designer bag can only lead to champagne glasses at 6 years old and Prada shoes at 7!!!!
Am I hating on little Aoki/Ming Bryant? (LOL)

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