Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pre-birth Primping

At my weekly appointment at hair salon, I overheard two chicks discussing how, when they're nearing a pregnancy due date, they try to perfectly time mani/pedi and waxing appointments so as to look well-groomed in the stirrups (I actually don't know if stirrups are involved in most birthing situations. I just threw the term in for the imagery.) The concept disturbed an older patron who feels like we have it too good nowadays,stating that if we have the extra time and energy to be this self-absorbed......ummm, call me self-absorbed & shallow but I WOULD SO DO THE SAME THING!!!!

How do I know this? Because I am obsessed with my pedicure & being perfectly clean shaven when I go to the gyno NOW! (you would think that I was about to be examined by Kimora or Kim Kardashian - women who could SO get it or that my examination was scheduled to air on the Oprah Show! LOL)

Okay, all jokes aside - I am sure that most women pamper themselves onel ast time before their lives become totally absorbed with being a new Mommy. PLUS I am thinking, the last 2 months of the pregnancy probably have not been the best looking 2 months of your life. Then I am thinking that having your man/woman in the birthing room as your cat trap is stretched to the ultimate limit may be a bit startling and unattractive so why not make sure that you are getting your post-baby sexy swag on immediately after dropping that load to make sure that the transition back into being a lady in the streets & a whore in the bedroom is flawless!!!!

Just one to think on.

Smooches & Waxed Cat Trap Quick Claps,

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