Monday, May 12, 2008

"New Trend or How You Doin'?" by AYC

For the sensitive at heart this isn’t your usual pink and pretty blogger!! This is her better half…keeping it real for ya’ll.

Okay, for some strange reason I let this woman of mine talk me into going to a straight bar. Don’t get me wrong I can do any scene it’s just that the guys don’t know whether to grab their girl or holla at me themselves…so I meet her at Lounge 13, a cute lil sports bar on Central Ave. Now I’m from the hood, but I’ve been a little removed over the last couple of years so I had to catch myself when I didn’t want to park the Envoy on the #1 drag strip for stolen cars! (do they still do that here?) After driving 6 hours I deserved a drink so I manned up. Inside the décor was nice, great music, screen TV’s, but the best part is the fabulous bartender & Erin’s “pink partner in crime” Mya!

As I snuggled up in the corner with my iced cold corona and hot woman, we started noticing all the guys in their tight ass shirts, sunglasses, ear whispering (to each other), and their TWIRK! (twirk: adj. – commonly referred to when a man walks and you want to watch HIS ass.) I felt like everyone was cool with it but no informed the two of us about this “Secret Society”.

The next day Erin & I kicked it about the noticeable mucho guy-on-guy conversation and the point was raised that the line is obviously blurred between Metrosexuality and Homosexuality!

Hence my question…New Trend or How you doin’?

Ya man beat you to the nail salon for that mani and pedi…New Trend or How you doin’?

He spending a lot of time with his “boys” late night…New Trend or How you doin’?

Do his shoes take up more room in the closet than yours…New Trend or How you doin’?

Is his LV man-purse hotter than your Coach bag you got from the man on the corner of Broad & Market…New Trend or How you doin’?

Ladies, interested in finding out how to tell if your man takes it from the back better than he gives it to you? STAY TUNED to when my baby lets me do this again.

This is the part when she would normally hit you wit the Smooches & Quick Claps so instead…..I’ll Holla! (and feel free to use twirk, I won’t charge you this time)

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