Monday, May 19, 2008

Packaging Faux Pas

Last night, a friend was saying I should do a posting about beauty-product package design, since she feels it's gone downhill recently. One trend that bugs her: pressed-powder compacts where the sponge sits in a lower compartment (versus the old-school situation where it sits right on top ofthe powder). I called another friend and she is annoyed by lip gloss tubes where you turn the base to dispense the product: "It clicks a bunch of times and nothing comes out, and then suddenly it's a volcano!"

Meanwhile, I'm wondering when someone's going to invent a body-lotion pump that's actually capable of getting out that last 1/8 of the lotion, so I don't have to flip over the bottle and spank it! But my BIGGEST problem is with the Vagisil Deodorant Powder container (yes, I like my Sasha to stay dry and fresh since I never know when or where we might.......LOL) - why does EVERY bottle I purchase break? It's suppose to twist to open and close but my bottles always after a few uses twist, and twist, and twist but will not close back. I have emailed them with such venom and grease that you would think my life was in danger! LOL Anywho, what are your packaging pet peeves? (I'll do a part two where we can discuss our favorite packaging innovations!)


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