Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Loving the PedEgg!

Okay......so I am the only one who was intrigued with this tv commercial and wondering how well it works??? (please say "NO"!!!) The commercialc laims that the PedEggTM gently removes callouses and dead skin with precision micro-files to reveal "incredibly baby soft look and feel that everybody loves". (sounds good to me, what a GREAT way to maintain a pedicure between you two week appointments - am I the only one that stays on the every two week schedule EVEN during the winter?
I was pretty pumped to try out this odd "as seen on TV!!!!!!!" invention so when I spotted it at the local Walgreen's late night on a Thursday evening with my Boo (we ran out of lubrication and needed to replace it immediately- HEY NOW) I asked her to buy it for me. (she looked at me sideways and commented that it "looks like an ovary") Anywho, I was excited the next morning when I got a chance to try it out.....and it didn't disappoint.It's gross yet satisfying to watch dry skin bits fill up the little chamber beneath the "grater" (sorry, couldn't find a better word to describe it).
Just as the icky infomercial claims, this puppy sloughs off way more crud than a pumice stone or foot file. Now that my review has you ready to throw up in your mouth a little bit,want to share your favorite pedi find? Let's get those feet ready for sandal season chicks!! (FYI - it is here)
Smooches, PedEgg Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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