Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cat Traps Need Love Too

Pardon me for saying so, but the vagina is having a moment. Paparazzi crotch shots, labia nipping and tucking, ubiquitous Brazilian wax jobs -suddenly everyone's fixated on this very private part! Here is a quiz I found on to see how much you know about your Cat Trap:

Using a washcloth or sponge is the most effective way to clean down there because it gets into all the little nooks and crannies. True or False?

If I notice a strong odor, I should use a stronger soap. True or False?

The best way to deal with discharge is to use a pantyliner. True or False?

Occasional douching is fine--why else would they be sold? True or False?

Although it may surprise you, the answers are all FALSE. One of my missions in life and as a vagina-loving-lesbian is to get rid of that "the vagina is dirty" thinking. I promise you, you're clean already!

Rule: Treat your vulva and vagina like a newborn baby (but with less powder). Use your hands to clean yourself on the outside only (no washcloths up in the Cat Trap--yes, some women do this). Wash once a day with gentle soap and water; I'm a fan of Dove because it's so mild.

Experts say NO daily pantyliners--they don't let the vagina breathe, which can actually increase discharge (save them for light period days) and NO douching, "hygiene" creams, or sprays--you're only likely to push bacteria up into your uterus, where it can cause trouble.

Interesting info right?!?

Smooches, Vagina Loving Quick Claps, and Much Love!

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  1. So Shocking to know!!! I had 2 of of 5 right... Thanks for the info!!!


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