Friday, May 30, 2008

How To Rock a Sex and the City Lifestyle

Hey know what today is right??? THE RELEASE OF SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE!!!! (Mr Big & Manolo Blahnik Quick Claps) I will be attending with my ultra-chic and fellow fashionista friends this evening followed by cocktails at a rooftop Lounge to discuss and disect every shoes, evry hot outfit, every trend that was scene on teh big screen. (yes, it's THAT serious)

So in honor of this joyous occasion I am here to inform you of how YOU can rock a Sex and the City Lifestyle! (no thanks neccessary) In the picture abouve Carrie is sporting two items that I, the self-proclaimed often imitaed but never dupliacted Shallow Shoe Whore, have been able to identify:

1. Eiffel Tower Bag by Timmy Woods - hand crafted, Swarovsky crystals, 8.75" H by 4.5W " by 3.75"D $450 - $3,000
2. Dior Extreme Gladiator Platform - smooth grained leather; open-toe; contoured bands over vamp, top of foot, and around ankle; round silver metal studs throughout connect bands in patch-like construction, 4.75" leather-covered stiletto heel $770
A bit rich for my blood but a girl can dream, right?
Smooches, Sex and the City Quick Claps, and Carrie-Fever Love,

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  1. Saw SATC Friday and basically died and went to heaven.

    Seeing as though I was a fan of the show from it's inception 10 years ago, cried my face of when it ended, and promptly purchased all 6 seasons on DVD soon after, the ariival of this pic on the big screen was more than I could handle.

    I cried several times during the was so MOVED by all of it.

    *Sequel please*


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