Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lindsay Does Leggings

Lindsay Lohan may single-handedly be keeping the leggings trend alive and kicking. She has a new line of leggings which features patterns, zippers, and even built-in knee pads!
Girls, did anyone notice anything ODD about the statement above? KNEE PADS? Hmmmm, why on earth would anyone need knee pads in there leggings - maybe for roller skating? NO For aerobics class? NO For giving head to the Producer on the casting couch or getting a dirty-sanchez or your upper lip before you send your husband off to work in the morning? DING DING DING I am not sure if I am more bothered by the fact that there ARE knee pads in the leggings or the way they casually slipped that into the press release as if no grown ass woman would notice! LOL (thank God she's not on Disney anymore!)
Smooches and Knee Pad Quick Claps,

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