Friday, February 22, 2008

One Hour to Bigger Breast

Oh now come on, this just doesn’t sound right. I saw this article about a new technology for lunch hour boob jobs and was simultaneously intrigued, disturbed, and skeptical. One hour for bigger breasts? Really?

According to the article a company called Cytori Therapeutics says theyhave a stem-cell based technology that can actually super-charge your fat cells and fill in breast volume. The way it works is this.....first, fat is taken from the patient’s butt or stomach via liposuction. Then stem cells from the fat are isolated and put into a small cartridge. This is then injected into the breasts. The whole procedure takes a little over an hour. Then during the next 6 months the stem cells grow and somehow make the breasts get larger. Clinical trials are reportedly under way and the process has already been approved in Germany.

Interesting and it may actually work. It won’t be available for another couple years but can you imagine, new breasts in under an hour with no cutting? How many in my Passion For Pretty world would sign up for this?

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