Monday, February 25, 2008

Knifed Up Swag

What the fuck.......what the fuck was she thinking? What was the surgeon thinking? We have a way deeper issue that I assumed since now she looks like Scar from the Lion King!!!

This has gone beyond wanting to enhance her physical appearance, this chick is OBSESSED with being knifed up! Part of me wants to hold these surgeons accountable for turning her into a cross between a smaller version of Michael Jackson and one of the animals at the Neverland Ranch but then the other part of me acknowledges patient responsibility.

Now, lets discuss these surgeons - at some time during the pre-surgery appointments they must have felt that the unhealthy obsession with surgery was linked to some type of psychological disorder, that is the point where she should have been referred to get the appropriate professional help and postpones the procedure(s)!

It is obvious that Kim has an ongoing problem with her self-image to have gone so far as to look like she is wearing a plastic Halloween mask permanently! She is the classic example of when too much of a good thing is just TOO MUCH! She has gone from a cute, around-the-way type girl from the "hood" to a false, plastic, top-heavy, tranny-ish looking celebrity. Allegedly she filed suit against a surgeon in Sept 07 for botch surgery, you would think that would have been the end of her affair with the knife right?

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