Friday, February 8, 2008

Making It Rain on Them Talk-Show Host Hoes!

Oprah is not playin', she is not leaving any money on the muthafreakin' table........she is making it rain on them talk-show host hoes!!! (insert the sound of a cash register here, cha-ching)

Forbes has made its list of top-earning Black celebrities and OF COURSE Oprah is the Queen (bow down bitches), toping the list at $260 MILLION! That's $712,000 a day.....SHUT UP!!!!!! Just the thought of that makes my mouth water and my girlie parts tingle with joy, God knew better than to bless me with that amount of riches cause I would be OFF THE HOOK yall! LOL With $260 million I would pull an Oprah too with the little Asian children growing hair for me! (you did know that right - Oprah does not roll up to Lugo's to purchase a few ounces of hair, she just calls over to China and tells them to cut 12 inces off Ming Lee's head this week and has it flown overnight on her private jet to her stylist so that her tracks can be sewn in the next morning)

Now it all makes sense, with $260 million I wouldn't marry Stedman's ass either.....why, so he can try to take some of my millions - HELL NAW SHORTY! It's cheaper to just rent him like she does now, can you say PIMPTRESS!!!! (got that word from my girl pal Tonya) PLUS with him being rented, that frees up more money to hit her lover Gayle off with - I see your work Oprah and I LOVE it!

With that much money, I would have to run for President myself (sorry Barack)......the country would be FABULOUS with me in power - no work on Fri, free feminie hygenie products for all women, the ability to write-off hair and nail services, a new flag with pink sparkly stripes & rhinestones along the edges, a free pair of Manolos with every tax refund check, oh....and the white house would be white no more, can you say BUBBLE GUM PINK! LOL (hey now) There would be SO many beautiful women all up and through the Bubble Gum Pink House that poeple would confuse it with the PlayBoy Mansion, would it be too much to put the pool and the infamous grotto on the front lawn? How many think that Condi would like to stay and play? (how you doin'?)

I'm trippin yall, forgive me!

Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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