Friday, February 1, 2008

Erin, how do I masturbate?

I know that there are some of you out there who want to ask this question....hard to believe that you have never downed a bottle of Merlot and curled up with your vibrator and maybe a good porno for the night BUT we love everyone here in Passion For Pretty World! (even you sexually boring and frustrated bitches, MUAH) So, let's get down and dirty on how to get your FREAK ON!!!

  1. You must determine what feels good and what will get you to the point that will have climbing the walls calling out your own name! I personally like clitoral stimulation but all women are different, you have to decide how much pressure you like on yours.

  2. I suggest you use some lubrication (ID Glide, Wet Platinum, Astor Glide, or KY Sensual Silk) and lub up a finger or two. Take that slippery finger and rub your clitoris in a small, circular motion. You can also try putting a finger on each side of your clitoris and rolling it between your two fingers. (now everyone try it at your desk right now - JOKE! lol)

  3. Penetrate your vagina once you feel yourself getting aroused, as you become more comfortable you may want to try a vibrator or dildo instead.

  4. Experiment by rubbing you clitoris with different degrees of pressure and different speeds while you penetrate your vagina with fingers or a toy. Take your time and tease yourself to help increase pleasure. Take note as to what feels good to you so you can do it again the next night!

  5. Keep going, keep going, a little more until you feel fireworks and mini explosions deep within which means you have experienced an orgasm!!! (time for a cigarette now huh, lol)

No need to thank me, my services are free!!!!


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