Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sleep Cure (yes, it includes sex)

Did you know that 38% of women have fell asleep during a meeting and 25% have drifted off during sex! (not me, the sex I get keeps me wide time for the "down, back, and up" stroke! LOL)

Bleary eyes, dull skin, weight gain......sleep deprivation isn't pretty and I haven't even mentioned the foggy thinking and bad moods! Here are a few tiny tweaks that you can make to help put an end to mild sleep problems!

  1. Don't do anything stimulationg ih the hour before bed, even talking or texting on the phone. The ONLY exception is sex!! (see suggestion #2)

  2. Exercise your right to MASTURBATE ladies!!! Get yourself some new batteries and some K-Y Silk (it's fab, trust me)...and be prepared to get your freak on! Even though sex is arousing, an intense orgasm can have you counting sheep in no time.

  3. Go to bed and wake up at about the same time every day since we are creatures of habit.

  4. Mute disturbances - cover light sources, block out noise with earplugs or a sound machine (I LOVE my sound machine, and orgasm and then listening to rain promises a good night sleep for me everytime!), and kick out the cat! (or dog)

  5. Never look at the clock in the middle of teh night, it can make you anxious about not sleeping.

  6. Keep your bedroom cool, no more than 68 degrees. A drop in core body temperature will help you fall and stay sleep.

Enjoy your night and check back tomorrow on How to Masturbate!

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