Monday, February 4, 2008

She better make her man get a J-O-B!

Star Jones just can’t seem to hold a job anymore. TMZ is reporting that truTV, formerly known as Court TV, has ceased production on Star Jones’ new talk show. The show, simply titled “Star Jones,” has the tagline, “If it’s on your mind, it gets the Star treatment.” The tabloid site posted a copy of a press release announcing a “mutual” parting of ways, signed by truTV’s General Manager, Marc Juris:

"Due to the rebranding and programming refocus of the network, truTV and Star Jones Reynolds have mutually agreed to cease production of the Star Jones show. The final episode of the program is scheduled to appear on Friday, Feb. 1. The Star Jones program, which has aired at 3 p.m. (ET) weekdays, will be replaced by Arrest & Trial.

Star will continue as a contributing legal expert on our weekday IN SESSION trial coverage. We appreciate the work she has contributed over the last few months and look forward to the next phase of our relationship."

I didn’t bother to watch the show, and I guess I’m not alone. The most attention the show received was after the death of Heath Ledger, when Jones spoke out about the excessive media coverage. Even that wasn’t’ enough to get people to actually watch the show. Her last original episode aired on Thursday, and dealt with the issue of registered sex offenders.

Word on the street is that Al (how you doin'?) has been visiting a very prominent divorce attorney in Star will be left with no job and no down-low husband! Tsk, tsk.

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