Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sock It To Me!

I spotted these curious items on BellaSugar a couple of days ago and just had to share to see what you think!

Meet PediSavers, special toeless pedicure socks that you slip on just before polish application. The thicker fabric around each toe opening allows the socks to function as toe separators.

PediSavers cost $16-20 per pair, which I suppose isn't bad compared to the $128 another company wants for these god-awful pedicure boots. Anyhow, these absurd socks look like the surgical stockings!!! LOL Gag.

Here's an idea. If it's really just too cold to be outside in your flip flops for a few seconds, cut the toes off an old pair of socks and wear those. That's FREE. You're going to look ridiculous anyway, so why pay money for it? Because then in addition to looking ridiculous, you'd look like a sucker, too.

So, what's the verdict? Would you purchase and wear these pedicure socks?


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