Monday, January 14, 2008

Can you say DIVA in the making!!!

16 year old OST talent Danielle P. "felt like a celebrity" on the set of the film "Queen of Media" starring Robin Givens. She got her hair and makeup done and raved how nice everyone on the set was. The producer of the film even came to the set before she shot and gave her a boost of confidence and calmed her nerves. She originally auditioned for the role of "Young Wendy" but was cast as "Gwen".
The film, based on the New York Times bestseller "Wendy's Got the Heat", tells the controversial story of the life and times of syndicated radio personality and "shock jock" Wendy Williams. This NY triple threat writes and sings her own music, dances with a hip hop dance company, and has modeled in various fashion shows. There is no doubt we will see a lot more of her. Look for her in "Queen of Media" set to release in April 2008. You go girl!!
BTW - this is my co-worker's daughter so YOU KNOW this is a BIG DEAL!!! QUICK CLAP

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