Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chanel Spring Line-Up

Smokey blue eye from Chanel this season? Dream come true!Snag this gorgeous eye look with the new Bleu Celestes eyeshadow quad, Ombre d'Eau liquid eyeshadow in Rivage and Glacier, and eyeliner in Blue Jean.

I've been in love with those Ombre d'Eau shadows since their introduction a few years ago - they NEVER crease. And the blue shadow quad is just perfect - dramatic and interesting but still refined and chic (so Chanel).

And if you're craving something a little more subtle but just as beautiful, get your paws on the Fleurs de Chanel, a palette of four pastel powder shadows in the same lovely camellia shape as last season's lip palette.

Of course no Chanel collection would be complete without a must-have nail color, and this time it's Blue Satin. Sorry to say I feel like they missed the boat this time, although the polish is already sold out on Chanel's website. Still, if you must, Blue Satin is available on the Nordstrom website.

Happy Shopping!

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