Friday, November 16, 2007

Makeup Tips from Makeup Masters.....

Morning Ladies, here are a few tips to make you even MORE fabulous than you already are! (wink, "how you doin'?")

Mally Roncal, makeup (m/u) artist of Beyonce suggests using powder in a shade two hues deeper than your skin to slim your face. Brush it along the hairline from ear to ear, then dust your jawbone.

Paul Starr, m/u artist of Penelope Cruz suggests lightening the corners of your eyes and lips (which darken as you age) with concealer to take years off your look!

Matin, m/u artist for Angelina Jolie suggest applying pink blush along the tops of your cheek bones to give the illusion of higher cheek bones. (a non-fluffy, blunt cut brush would be best for this application, just an FYI)

Erin Bush, SOON TO BE m/u artist to the stars suggests that you use a flat edge liner brush to apply multiple layers of mascara. Mascara wands tend to cause clumping after the second application, so dip run flat edge brush into along your mascara brush and then apply from the roots to the tips of your lashes. REMEMBER, your lashes will fall if mascara only applied to the tips - covering the roots creates fabulous volume!

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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