Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are YOU wearing the correct bra?

Are you tired of your bra sliding off your shoulders? Are you wearing a seamed bra under a form fitting shirt? (BIG no-no ladies, BIG NO NO - hence why seamless bras were created) Do you have four breasts instead of two, the problem might be that you are not wearing the correct bra size. You have seen episodes on Oprah and The Tyra Show addressing the issues of women not wearing the appropriate bra for their size. There are a number of effective methods to measuring your correct bra size.

A popular way of measuring your size is using an adjustable tape measure that can be rolled manually. If you are too modest you can measure your size with this type of tape measure at home. The tape measure will need to be long enough to measure around your body. Measuring your size with your bra off or on does not affect the accuracy. The tape measure might have yards and inch measurements on both sides. Use the inch measurement for the best results. All bulky clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters, and thick tops need to be removed. If clothing is desired while measuring, bras and camisoles are acceptable.

The band is the elastic that goes around your body, this is the number portion of a bra size. The cup is the material which supports the breast also know as the letter part of a bra size.For example a 36C is 36 inches around the chest without the cup and C is the cup size. As breast cup sizes increase the letter goes up the alphabet such as A, B, C, and D. After a D cup size, this is getting into the full coverage or full figured bras depending on the designer and band length.

Starting with inch one, the first place the tape measure will go around is the upper part of the chest, just underneath the armpit. The tape measure should go around the body, across the back and be a couple of inches just below the collarbone. Tighten the tape just a little to round the measurement to the tightest number. The number you get from measuring is the band length. This is the first portion of your bra size.Tightening the measuring tape will allow for the band of the bra to be attached on the first hooks leaving room for adjustments as weight may fluctuate.

Take notes girls!

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