Friday, October 26, 2007

Secret Sex

Good Morning.....what a GREAT topic to kick off the weekend huh - SEX!!! I wonder, how many of us are out there having secret sex? You know, secret sex with people that we are ashamed to introduce to our friends? (no need to feel like your secret is out, you are alone reading this at your computer! lol) Or secret sex with a side piece that might be providing you with some thangs that you do not get at home? (HEY NOW)

My question is - if the sex is secret does it exist? No right.....if no one knows and no one is there to catch you, then it doesn't exist like the proverbial tree in the forest! (I know the men are LOVING this rationale, they cheat for the same reason dogs lick their balls - because they CAN lol) Do we keep them a secret because they are not our "type"? Beacause they are not the best looking even though it might be the best sex of your life? I am not sure if this is being shallow or just grossly honest with yourself!

There is SO much that goes into secret sex - finding locations to "rendezvous, the mum's-the-word factor, lying to your girls when they can see ALL OVER YOUR FACE that you got you some GOOD lovin' - this is very similar to brothers having Down Low Sex! lol

Let's discuss this, leave me some comments below!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Smooches, Quick Claps, Much Love, and FAB Secret Sex-


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  1. Erin, I agree to some degree, I feel that even though it is a secret it does exist to those involved. There is a lot that goes with secret sex, no one really knows why people do secret sex, and it is various reasons why people do it. Trust worthy non judge mental friends you tell and others you don't. For some woman it is finances or living arrangemens or children , just bad timing. Men do it because they can, and use the basic excuses I am not happy, she is not the person she use to be, or just because. Like Ashford and Simpson (secret Lovers) we don't want to leave the ones we are with but, we have found something in each other, or just enjoy the physical sex, yet it still has to remain a secret. The question is will either one of the parties leave the one they are with to now be in the open or just keep this secret until it gets boring or someone gets caught. I think that this is where woman need to be honest with themselves. I don't think it's the same as down low brothers because they are doing it with the same gender and they have not accepted who they are. Society accepts it when woman do it because a man really won't care he probably will want to join in, but when a man is in a committed relationship or married and is exposed it is looked upon as nasty. I am reading a book entitled I you want closure in your relationship start by losing your legs. Very informative, the brother who wrote this book was a player amongst other things and now is a God fearing man and is determined to live the rest of his life helping woman realize their worth. Showing woman what they do wrong in the dating field. As well as what to look out for when searching for a mate, how to shift through the weeds. This is just my brief opinion.


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