Monday, October 29, 2007

Becoming "THAT" Girl

Good Morning ALL! Have you ever been dating someone for some time (exclusively on your end) and become"that girl"? You know, after a few months of bliss - you have had several dates with this person, a few sleepovers, one epic game of Monopoly (which you won of course), plus daily texts, e-mails, and phone calls and then they disappear?

You start wondering what you did wrong. Should you have been more cheerful, less shoe obsessed so early on in the courting, shaved your legs more often, less available? Were you not cultured enough for a person who spoke three languages fluently or not cool enough cause you choose to pass on a night of pool in a whole-in-the-wall bar with their friends? Were your oral sex skill subpar? To find drunk dial them and then they DON'T ANSWER! (just drive a knife your heart right? lol)

Next comes the days of non-stop talking about them, Googling them and their ex-girlfriends who you would bet you left pink toe that they have hooked back up with, and even ruin the date your BFF set you up on to get over this idiot! (but of course you ruin the date because you go into a detailed account of the disappearance and seek out the opinion of your date - hence they run at the end of the night and then they NEVER call you again) An then it hits you - you are that stone-cold, crazy, obsessed, Haagen Dazs by the gallon eating, night stalkers who can not get over a relationship that has ended!

In your last attempt, you write an email stating something like "I wish you had the decency to let me know you didn't want to see me probably hooked back up with ShaQuana cause she's a homewrecking whore......". It took 3 days to write and you run it by ALL of your friends and even read it over the phone to one of your exes to make sure it has enough venom and grease! You click send and wait. You dwell, you fantasize, you wait. Weeks pass and you finally stop waiting.

A drink in the face? Angry text messages? Slashed tires? I get it girl, so understand, and have been there ARE "that girl"!!!!

Seems a bit extreme, but who am I to judge? Yall know I'm CRAZY!!!!


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