Thursday, October 4, 2007

Answers to your BIGGEST boot questions.

Hi ladies, the air is almost crisp and the temperature almost low enough for boots!!!! (I personally don't really invest in boots as I like shoes that can be worn and appreciated through ALL of the seasons, but you all know that I'm a shoe whore so it IS what it IS, lol) Here are a few questions that some of you might have:

Q: I want to tuck my jeans into boots, but how do I keep the denim from bunching at the knees?
The clip on stirrups ($3 a pair, that the equestrians use to secure their jodhpurs also work well on jeans. If you're really in a bind, do like Nicole Richie: tuck jeans into knee-length socks before sliding into boots - instant fix!

Q: I love the look of knee-high boots, but I have wide calves. Any suggestions?
Such a common problem, especially among my fellow Plus-Size DIVAS (wink).....brands like J. Crew, David Tate, and Eddie Bauer offer styles made specifically for wider calves - and they're really cute too! Another option is stretch boots which have an extra bit of wiggle room.

Q: Ankle boots are EVERYWHERE, but they seem tricky to wear. How do I pull them off?
The key to working booties with skirts and dresses is pairing them with tights, creating the illusion of longer legs. For the best effect, tights should match the color of the bootie. Another way to show them off, ankle length jeans!

Hope this info was helpful, now be fashionable responsibly this fall!

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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