Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shoe Closets of the Stars

Good Morning DIVAS.......the topic of Celebrity Shoe Closets gets me all EXCITED and HOT, hope it does the same for you! LOL

Eva Longoria
Not long after buying her new place—a Mediterranean-style house in the Hollywood Hills—Longoria hired Robert Verdi, an N.Y.C. interior designer and fashion stylist, to decorate it down to the studs. This included a home for her many precious high heels. In the walk-in closet the star keeps her shoes organized on Ikea's Stolmen shelving system.

Mariah Carey
The glamour girl keeps her designer stilettos, wedges and boots uncluttered and artfully on display in her 12,000-square-foot Manhattan triplex. With the help of renowned N.Y.C. decorator Mario Buatta, Carey designed the gold-leaf and bleached-wood floor in the shoe closet.
Jamie Lynn-Sigler
The actress is the proud owner of a 2,700-square-foot duplex in N.Y.C., of which she designated 200-square-feet to her very own walk-in closet. The closet—from Anthony's Custom Closets in Long Island—is crammed with designer dresses, bags and over 75 pairs of shoes

Kim Cattrall
White Lucite, silver-framed doors conceal the actress's 44-square-foot closet with its double-hung racks and endless shelves of shoes and purses. The closet she created—"a sanctuary with sunlight," she says—is a sort of isthmus between bedroom and bath. "I never had a space like this," she says of the shoe shelves loosely arranged by heel (high or low) or toe (open or closed).

Tracee Ellis Ross
Her closet is bursting with tantalizing goodies. Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana dresses. Vintage Nikes. Balenciaga bags. She redid the layout of the house to accommodate her passion for fashion, making her bathroom smaller and her closet bigger—with ample space to hang dresses and spread out jewelry.

Check out for the FABULOUS pictures of these closets! (and the shoes, lol)

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