Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take the Albolene Challenge

Good Morning Beautiful! I hope all is well and you are doing your part to be a responsible fashion-conscious individual today, LOL.

Today, I MUST share some information that I first heard about on the Wendy Williams Experience. (I SO LOVE HER!!! LIKE WORSHIP LOVE, LIKE SHE IS FABULOUS LOVE, LIKE "ALL HAIL THE QUEEN" LOVE) It sounded a little odd BUT you know if Ms. Wendy says it works then I had to give it a try. (did you know her waist is 23 inches?!?! BITCH) One afternoon around Valentine's Day she was mentioning that she wanted an Elliptical Machine (you know I bought one) so that she could wear her Medisana anti-cellulite shorts on top of some Albolene that she would slather on her thighs to accelerate her weight loss. (you should be lost as I was - I had never heard of Albolene) She continued to to explain that Albolene is an old-school make-up remover sold in drug stores that boxers use to remove inches before a fight! (okay, if boxers use it and look as good as they do I need to find this and order it in a lifetime supply)

Of course me being such a scatterbrain it escaped me until August! (LOL) I started searching on the internet for the shorts AND the Albolene and found.....the Albolene Challenge web-site. The web-site explains in DETAIL how this can assist in losing inches in the thigh, butt, and TUMMY area! (ding, ding) I am searching for Albolene like a dope fein, salivating at the mouth and sweating from the anticipation. (lol) I could not find this product on my own but thanks to my co-worker (a fellow foodnista) I was at home Tuesday night having Trudi (who was willing) rub me down in Albolene!!!! (only because the container isn't large enough for me to dip myself in it, we should email the company a suggest a large enough tub for dipping- and the fact that it was erotic was just an added bonus and I do suggest it) Once fully covered, I pulled on my Valeo Exercise/Sweat Shorts (cheaper than the Medisana cause as much as I may act like Wendy I am not Wendy and do NOT have her bank account.......yet! LMAO) and wrapped my waist in my Curves Exercise/Sweat Belt and mounted the Elliptical Machine! I worked out like my life depended on it, like I could loose all 40 pounds in one night, like if I completed this rigorous workout with Rhonda (my bitchy, electronic trainer programmed in the machine - DIE RHONDA) that I would win the entire Fall 07 collection of Jimmy Choo shoes! (now you know that's serious) I have never sweat like I did last night! (well, maybe I have but NOT from planned exercise)

Now I know this was only night one but if I do this all the time I should be able to get down to Beyonce size......right? The web-site states that this product increases perspiration and can be used to loose up to 5 pounds!!! (BUT since I'm such the overachiever, you know I will test the limits and see if I can at least get a good 15-20 pounds off)

I have come, I have informed - it is up to you to use the information.

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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