Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is Fashion A Luxury?

The mission statement of Sara Jessica Parker's Bitten Line at Steve & Barry's is "Fashion is NOT a Luxury". Do you agree with this fashion something that one is entitled to at birth, similar to a God given right that is protected by the Constitution? (I am SO dramatic) Of course my shallow ass believes that it is the DUTY of all women to be fashionable, we have earned the right to express ourselves and it should be done fashionably. I wonder who are the people in the world who choose to not be fashionable and what transpired in their childhood to make them reject such a soul fulfilling act??? Anyway, later for those losers, I believe that fashion comes from within and you need not be a billionaire to be a fashion icon in your own community/social scene. Some fail to realize that fashion works (and works well if you are a DIVA like me) on a Target budget (I type that this morning as I slip into a pair of Dolce & Gabbana burgundy pumps that I BEGGED Trudi for last year as if my life depended on it) because it's not about where you get the items but about how you wear and interpret style!

BUT then somewhere deep inside, I think of the designer and exclusive items that I love and the magazines that I flip through - all in my pink comfort zone, alone to luxuriate in the high-end advertisements calculating in my head which items I can afford this season. Being able to even consider some of these items IS a LUXURY! Don't get me wrong -I am not above Target, WalMart, Marshall's, or even a the Dollar Store (do any Dollar Stores sell clothes? are they hot and trendy?) if they sold clothing and if there is something that catches my eye but I recognize that fashion IS a luxury. Hell, for some it's a luxury to be able to budget a Vogue, W, and Lucky subscription into their lives! Fashion requires work and money just to stay on top of what is fashionable at the time. I know that not only do I have MULTIPLE subscriptions to fashion magazines (to embarrassed to mention them all), I surf the internet (cost of computer plus internet service plus my's adding up here), AND watch fashion based shows on tv. (add in cable subscription) From there, you must travel to these boutiques ($) and actually PAY for these items whether you are purchasing from this current season or a Manolo Blahnik boot circa 2005. (CHA CHING!!!!!!) Hence, fashion is certainly a luxury that most of us take for granted!

What would you be willing to sacrifice for fashion?

Until tomorrow - Smooces, Quick Claps, and Much Love-

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