Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Celebrity Spotting

Good Evening Ladies,

My Mary Kay Power Partner and VERY good & fashionable friend (just a bit of crowing) Marcia spotted the infamous and crazy Pootie from VH1's I Love New York Show this evening in Penn Station, NY! (oh yes yes yes, OH yes, she's ON! see, I have my people in the street delivering live reports - I'm better than Channel 9 News) Yes, I said P-O-O-T-I-E!!! Oh my gosh, GREAT, let's "have fun with it"!! (in the words of my MK Director - sorry to use it on you but I am still in the process of being de-programmed!!! LMAO)
You do remember Pootie right?? He was the one that quit after the men were required to present their financial outlook to New York, Sister Patterson (the devil reincarnated as a gorilla with a bad weave), and Omarosa (the MOST hated reality tv star of ALL times)! The whole purpose of this presentation was so that the women could decide who had the most financially secure future for "Princess" New York. The short of the long is that Pootie knew his ass was broke and decided to quit before he was further embarrassed. (not that it could get any worse after claiming to be broke on national tv and have a mental breakdown - if you haven't seen it you MUST girls cause that sh*% is HILARIOUS)
So the skinny is that:
1) He stilled looked broke!
2) He was with a woman that kinda looked like a man. ( How you doin' Ms. Pootie girl?!?!)
My ONLY question is, what woman/man/trani in their right mind would be with a man that has declared himself broke on national tv? Now, it's been some years since I was in the heterosexual lifestyle (well, some years since I was somewhat in it) but have the rules changed? Is it okay do date a broke man from a reality show where he was trying to win the love a cheap trick? If so.....I'm GLAD I'm a lesbian!! LMAO LOL LMAO LOL (and feel free to come taste the rainbow ladies if Pootie is the best out there)

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