Saturday, September 15, 2007

Control You Weekend Calories!

Good Morning Ladies, did you miss me yesterday while I was gambling in AC? (and winning might I add) Well I'm back with some much needed info this morning (and you better love it as I am sick as hell typing this blog for YALL-love ya!) so here we go....

No beauty tips today or fashion advice, no juicy celebrity gossip or videos on eyebrow grooming- going to try a different angle today to please those who are not into such shallow subjects as shoes, fashion, and makeup. (but you know I will be back to my normal shallow and materialistic ways tomorrow, QUICK CLAP!!!!) know I am a Plus-Size DIVA and very comfortable in my own skin BUT I am all about keeping my voluptuous body to a healthy weight (which I have not achieved yet but it's so on my list of things to do) so I do watch what I eat and attempt to keep track of these damn Weight Watcher Points. I thought I could share my wisdom and offer some advice from what I have learned on how not to go TOO far on the weekends.
1) Bar Options - Yes, alcohol is high-cal itself but the mixers (soda, tonic water, juice, sour mix) also pack just as many calories. Try Rum and Diet Coke/Pepsi for 98 calories instead of the 189 calories from a Rum and Coke/Pepsi. (no Cosmos or Martinis ladies - don't hate the messenger! well, you can have Cosmos and Martinis if you are the type of chick that would rather drink than eat - all of you like this raise your hand.......oh, it's only me?)

2) Saturday Matinee - Have a warm soft pretzel and a bottle of water for 483 calories instead of the day-glo "cheese" and nachos that packs 617 calories. (this "cheese" has 59 grams of fat which is close to our daily limit of 65 fake cheese worth it?)

3) Chow Time - Monstrous burgers, smothered in melted cheese, and placed in between a buttered roll sounds DELICIOUS (I'm such a fat girl that I am drooling as I type this - can you get electrocuted for drooling on a keyboard??) but will cost you 1,030 calories when most of us should only have between 1,200 - 2,000 calories per day! Instead, opt for an 8-oz filet mignon (450 calories) with a side of wild-rice and veggies.

4) Sunday Brunch - Opt for the light and flaky croissant (330 calories) instead of the blueberry muffin (470 calories). Muffins are denser which equals more calories. (sorry ladies)

And if you find yourself just such the foodnista that you can not back up from the table and just "Say NO" then I suggest that you lap the mall a few times in search of the PERFECT heel for that Saturday night party you are going to. Macy's is always having a sale and they have really improved their selection in the shoe department while remaining reasonably priced. ESPECIALLY if you get one of those 10 or 20% off coupons - girl bye, you can shop, Shop, SHOP!!! (see I tried to just talk about healthy eating but it seems that all topics lead back to shoes, so easier to embrace it than to attempt to supress the urge LMAO)

Until tomorrow ladies - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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