Monday, September 17, 2007

Beauty Know It ALL

Good Morning Beauties, hope you had a FABULOUS weekend! Today I will be blessing you with some of my makeup knowledge.....hold on tight and take notes! (wink)

Can't find the ideal makeup shades for your skin tone? Read on and after a little advice from me (that's Erin Bush, E-r-i-n) you'll pick winners every time. (if only picking a mate was that simple, lol)

Let's start with Color Cues for Olive Skin Tones for my Latinas, Asians, and lighter-skinned black girls:

Bronze and copper shadows bring out the warm, golden tones in your skin.

CHEEKS (seek professional advice of correct application or risk looking like Homey The Clown)
Olive skin has a lot of yellow in it. Peach blush looks most natural or you can counteract the yellow with a bubble gum pink blush.

Hues with a hint of gold add liveliness to the face. For a more dramatic look try a cool tone, like pale or raspberry pink gloss.

Now, Color Cues for my brown skin toned ladies:

Richly pigmented blues, plums, and coppery metallic (BLENDED CORRECTLY I MUST ADD) enhance eyes and don't look ashy.

Color should be intense in order to show up BUT applied with a light touch! Choose a red or orange toned blush.

Deep lips look amazing in practically any shade, as long as it's sheer (NO harsh liners ladies, that's so 1993) or has a subtle, golden shimmer. PS - gold shimmer applied on top of the lipcolor in the center of the lip creates that sexy pout look that we love!!! Matte lipstick tends to look painted on and is not the look of the Fall 07 season.

These suggestions are super-flattering and foolproof, if you need any further assistance such as help with color selection, application technique, or proper brush usage I am for hire. (I know yall didn't think I was gonna volunteer my time, LMAO) But I will give out one beauty secret:

Higlighting lashes with bronze mascara (on top of your classic brown or black) adds a shimmer that draws light to your eyes and makes them look bigger!

Until tomorrow - Smooches, Quick Claps, and Much Love,

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