Friday, September 7, 2007

Afternoon Delight!

Here's the Celebrity 411:

The infamous Bobby Brown as asked the judge to throw out the his divorce decree from Whitney Houston as he states he was "tricked" into signing the pre-nup. Ummm, Bobby you weren't tricked.....YOU WERE HIGH BABY!

El Debarge is still in jail yall, you know they are LOVING his pretty ass up in there.

Who knew that Phyllis Hyman went both ways? NOT ME....but all the details will be in the latest book about her life called Strength of a Woman. (How SHE doin'?)

And are you a Flavor of Love and I Love New York watcher? Well, VH1 is feeling the heat over these shows that portray black women in a negative light. I myself enjoy the show and in no way feel threatened as I have never been named Boots or Buckey! (well, not outside of the bedroom at least)

That's all for now ladies, SMOOCHES!

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