Monday, November 9, 2009

Gucci's Annual Campaign to Benefit UNICEF

This year Gucci celebrates five years of giving to UNICEF by commissioning author and illustrator Michael Roberts to create a sequel to his 2004 children's book Snowman in Paradise called Snowman in Africa. This book will be available in Gucci stores and on it;s official website from November 16th - December 31st with a $50, all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

MORE exciting than the book are the two medium-sized Joy handbags designed by Creative Director Frida Gianni!!! I personally must have the one with the cute little elephants and foliage, it is being added to my Christmas list ASAP! LOL

The bags retail for $690/each, 25% of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.

Smooches & Gucci Quick Claps

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