Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nutri-Serums with Pearls

Luxurious. Softening. Silky.

As you all know.....I am addicted to body washes!!!! So of course I couldn't wait to try the NEW Softsoap Nutri-Serum with Pearl Technology. (doesn't it just sound decadent?!?)

Infused with Softening Serum Pearls and Vitamin E - a known antioxidant. The freshly scented formula deeply penetrates the skin, delivering a concentrated dose of hydrators--rinsing off clean for exceptionally soft and healthy looking skin.

Did I mention that it's PERFECT for the Recessionista?!? Ummmm, can you say UNDER $4?!? (GET EXCITED)

Smooches & Pearl Technology Quick Claps

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