Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bold Lips for Fall

In an effort to keep the "stepping outside of my comfort zone" thing going (FRESH start people, FRESH START), I have decided that my goal for this month is to start painting my lips up in in-your-face lipstick. Not lipgloss—full-on, pin-up-girl bright, rich and daring color. Are you with me?

Now, the idea of going to the grocery store in bright hot pink lips makes me want to hide behind a box of Wheaties but that's the point: to break out of my old habits and try something I wouldn't do usually.

Maybe I'll even get comfortable enough to wear red lipstick naked while I sip coffee like this chick above! LOL
Now, if you're up to the challenge, here's the plan: If you're not a bold lipstick-wearer already, this month, just start experimenting with bold lipstick like it's your job. But if you already have a few crazy shades in your bag, play with a few new colors or try wearing the ones you have out in places you wouldn't normally. Then let me know how it goes. And send pictures to

Any of you on board? Got any advice for a beginner-bold-lipstick wearer? Spill it.
Smooches & BOLD Lipstick Quick Claps

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  1. I think I will try out some bolder lip colors. I must admit that as a brownie, I've played it safe with my lipstick colors b/c somehow I got the idea in my head that bold colors were for white girls or crazy folk. Now, I'm a little older and wiser and I'm ready to show it my lipstick choices. Great post.

  2. My advice is to try a dark lip stain with a gloss over it. The gloss really makes the color pop. I just started with bold lip color as well - and I went all out with this one. Lemme know how it goes ;)


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