Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have you Ever....

...peed in the shower? *blinking* *blinking* Seriously, have you ever urinated in the shower?

Well I am not too eager to admit that I have parted my legs a time or two, but I certainly have!!! (never when in the shower with another person, HELLO - I am a lady) And I thought I was alone until I read a recent survey conducted by Glamour Magazine.....75% of poll-takers were closeted shower pissers too! LOL

The poll states that by peeing in the shower that you are actually saving water! It even states that proponents of "urine therapy" believe that it can help treat athlete's foot too!

So save the planet, save water, cure athlete's foot.....and pee in the shower.

Smooches & Shower Pissing Quick Claps

PS - Since we are talking urine, hmmm, have you.....*blushing* ever had a Golden Shower?

Not one drop of my self-respect is dependent on your acceptance of me. - Quincy Jones

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