Saturday, June 13, 2009

Men's Summer Style - Sandals or Sneakers? by AYC

"Ya'll can wear sneakers on the beach if you want to....." - Jay Z

Ladies, I'm back......took me longer than I thought, but they made me do it - your man with his busted ass feet in those swag-less Scooby Doos! (those are shoes by the way, keep up ladies) I feel like I need to share because sneakers and boots will not cut it at every occasion, especially not in the summer months. Every man should own a pair of sandals!

First let's talk about when to wear sandals:

At the office - no.

On the block - NO.

At the club - it depends on if you are going upscale or to the Guitar Bar....or is it back to The Armory these days? LOL

Date with a chic - yessssir.

On the beach - FO SHO!

Now let's start with a basic pedicure for men! P-E-D-I-C-U-R-E. This doesn't mean just clipping your toe nails on the edge of the tub, I am talking about actually making an appointment for professional services. Google it if you or he haven't a clue where to go. Toenails hanging over the edge of the sandal is so not sexy! They must be cleaned, clipped, and polished with a clear coat.

Before I continue on to the outfit, back away from the sock drawer......socks with sandals is some real live dumb shit!

Keeping in mind ladies, I don't expect your man to pull it off as effortlessly as myself so here's a guide, free of charge (this time bitches):

With a pair of nice jeans, NO creases with a grown-man button down or non-white tee that only comes in XXL, XXXL, or XXXXL!

Cool linen pants with a coordinating linen shirt - please, please, PLEASE make him where a t0shirt underneath.

Capris and casual shorts, not the shorts you wear around the house or to cut grass, are acceptable.

The sandal that I have chosen above should work easily into your man's casual summer wardrobe. If he won't take a hint then treat your him to something special and I'm quite sure he'll hook you up with something special - FEEL ME!

Valsesia by Bruno Magli, $325.

Keep checkin' for me cause I'll be back with more men's summer style tips and maybe a few for you ladies too.

Holla at me with a comment or two.

Two up two down,


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